Chiller2Go® – Day2Day

Chiller2Go®  is the face of a vibrant product range! It’s a Life:Style decision!


Established in 2012, the business launched its range in the 2014 summer, in selected IGA and Foodworks stores and Pharmacies nationally, SPAR Supermarket the following year. Over the last few years we have increased our online shopping presence and have plans for future growth into Health Food Stores.

The Chiller2Go®  product range is stepping up the fun and adventure level for on-the-go activities, making your next outing easy to plan. For starters we’ve taken that ordinary water bottle and revamped it for modern-day healthy living. We’ve also introduced the Chiller2Go®  Fruit Suit to keep your fruit cool and protected on the go.

Chiller2Go®, is a life:style brand that encompasses value through stylish simplicity and affordable pricing, without sacrificing quality. The brand is targeted to the consumer who wants to differentiate themselves from using the typical drink bottles, and express their creativity. YOU, our consumer, are passionate about lifestyle and discovery.

The Chiller2Go consumer is looking for utilitarian, modern drink bottles that are versatile, distinguishing them from the ‘sports’ bottles. The durable nature of the products means that consumers do not need to rebuy products monthly/yearly, but the moderate and flexible prices allow for the option to do so.
Our Chiller2Go®  products are the best solution to suit your active lifestyle .. for school, camping, picnics, beach, sporting activities … anytime you’re enjoying a great ‘Aussie’ day.

So let your adventurous life:style begin.