Our Story

Chilled Out was founded by JoEllen Henderson on a hot summers day in Brisbane in 2012. It started with a vision to create an insulated bag for fruit on-the-go, a product that would encourage people, particularly school children, to eat more fruit!
After much research, neoprene became the fabric of choice and the product which we based the Chiller2Go® Range. In 2014 the range expanded into drink bottles and has been available nationally in selected retail stores since December 2014.

In 2015 we developed THERMApod™ Gel Therapy range.

More information will be available on this range soon, including a dedicated web site.



I love the idea of encouraging healthy eating and with my passion for innovative design and a never give up attitude I created the eye-catching yellow Chiller2Go brand identity and colourful product range, which includes the Chiller2Go® FruitSuit and the new generation Chiller2Go® Tritan Drink Bottles. JoEllen Henderson