For the past few years I have challenged myself to write an Instagram post a day and during that time I’ve been really committed to researching and learning and experimenting with all that’s related to hydration and healthy living.

Just recently I realised that along that journey I’ve never talked much about myself. So now that I sit down to make a few notes I’m finding it’s really interesting that I take so much about myself for granted. I’ve been thinking lots and I realise we are all such individuals and so quirky.

Let’s get started with 10 things you wouldn’t know about me.

      1. I can really effectively raise my right eyebrow. I do it in surprise in shock or in disbelief .. In fact I love doing it, but I can’t for the life of me budge my left eyebrow without my face contorting into an ugly grimace. I’ve really tried and failed to teach myself how to strengthen that little left muscle! Try it .. you’ll see!!
      2. My all time favourite foods are apples, avocado, broccoli and basil. Don’t get me wrong, I am the daughter of a butcher so I love my meat, but I am a happy bunny if I am eating fresh, crispy, crunchy and into green. Add some fresh chilli and I’m in heaven.
      3. I am a little addicted to Netflix. It took awhile for the concept of watching shows on my laptop / ipad … but its just so cool to be tucked into bed with my fave series of the moment.
      4. I am a Graphic Designer and a Product Designer. My long term passion is design and I’ve run my own successful design studio for years now. When I came up with the Chiller2Go idea I realised I had the knowledge to make this new business work, so with my running shoes on, I’ve spent any spare time developing my concept, sourcing products, promoting and lastly selling. I can tell you it’s been exhausting but also incredibly rewarding and mostly lots of fun.
      5. I used to be very shy. I’ve kind of grown out of it, but I’m still not great at networking i.e. approaching people I don’t know. I tend to stand back, at the same time, knowing that as soon as I start up a conversation all will be cool .. so I need to learn not to doubt myself.
      6. My star sign is Libra and I’m a true Libran. This means I am all about balance, harmony and peace. When my life feels unbalanced or unstable, I’m quick to correct it, looking for ‘my idea’ of perfection. I strive to be liked and respected by the people around me. I think it’s a pretty good star sign .. no complaints from me [obviously I’m feeling balanced right now].
      7. When I hear the word “something” pronounced “somethink” I totally cringe. Who knows where this pronunciation comes from and why? It drives me crazy, I know I can’t be alone here! I can often be heard threatening to write a book on etiquette …. one day!
      8. I like cooking almost as much as I love eating. I’ve always loved food and think about it all the time. I’m hardly finished a meal and I’m thinking ahead about what my next meal will be. This is partly because I like planning ahead and partly because I like to make sure I’m eating a balanced diet. This is a bit tricky since I have tried to stop snacking between meals because it can make me hungry ahead of time. When I travel I relax a bit on this rule and make sure I try all the local foods on offer. I eat everything and because I’m so active compared to my usual work day, I don’t tend to put on weight. What a bonus hey. I wish I could travel forever!
      9. I’ve always been a cat lover, but now we have a parrot. Until our beautiful little chatty, parrot became our pet, I had no idea just how affectionate and how intelligent such a little bird could be. She has such a big personality and sure lives up to her name, PARTY [named by my partner in crime] .. she is such a people/party person and such entertainer!
      10. I only drink water, coffee and wine. It’s pretty rare for me to drink anything else. I like to keep it simple. Sure I’ll add some fresh flavours to my water, when I can be bothered, but lucky for me I really, really like water. BTW I do drink way more water than I drink coffee or wine 😉

      So there you are .. a nice change from water and healthy living! Of course if you are feeling inspired, head on over to our Hydration Challenge and do something for you! http://chiller2go.com.au/hydration-challenge/

by JoEllen Henderson

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