Make Every Day Count: Calendar + Bucket List

Are you ready for Summer and ready to ‘Make Every Day Count’?
[Are you like me and raising your hands right now?]
Would you love a FREE Calendar download to help you on your way?

It’s crazy to think that there’s only 3 months until the end of another year. Are you well on your way to ticking most things off your 2017 Bucket List? No pressure, but the year is running out! I’m kind of hoping you’re a bit like me and have been leaving the best things to last.

Now lets check out your bucket list. Does it need updating? My tip is to start with the little things and work your way up.

Sometimes our brains can’t even imagine half of the fun things that we could do so here’s a bit of inspiration for you:

Be part of a flash mob

Rent a kayak


Take a road trip

Go camping

Tie-Dye a T-Shirt

Do Yoga at sunrise

Try a new hairstyle

Make your own perfume

Try every local restaurant

Go on a beach walk

Learn a new card game

Go fruit picking

Do something that scares you

Take swimming lessons

Take singing lessons

Read a novel

Try a new recipe

Book a full body massage

Travel somewhere you haven’t been

Take a road trip

Get 15 min of Vitamin D on your skin each day

Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

Do a Color Run

Run a Marathon

Get a Tattoo

Milk a cow

Make soap

Reconnect with an old friend

Go to a music festival

Go to a trivia night

Cook every dish I one cook book

Make a gingerbread house

Create Latte art

Build a sand castle

Go to the movies alone

Crowd surf

Do the hula hoop

Get hyptonised

Feed a homeless person

Do a charity walk

Serve food at a soup kitchen

Learn a new language


Climb an indoor rock wall

Ride a segway

Fly First Class

Or best idea ever: Make a small lifestyle change .. ie do our Hydration Challenge.  It’s probably the simplest and most rewarding change you can make towards a healthier you for Summer.

To help you get in control and make this happen I’ve got your back with a beautiful FREE printable Calendar for your wall. Print it out any size you like … A2, A3, A4, A5 and lets see if we can make every day count!

Click the link to download your printable PDF now

Let’s make these months stellar!


by JoEllen Henderson

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