Chiller2Go Tritan Drink Bottle

TRITAN BOTTLE Chiller2Go Drink Bottles are made from new copolyester, a safe plastic patented by Eastman Chemical (Kodak) in the US. This means they not only BPA Free, but are suitable for cold or hot liquids (from -20ºC to +100ºC). They are shatter resistant, odour resistant, taste resistant, stain resistant and most importantly dishwasher safe.

NEOPRENE SLEEVE Chiller2Go Drink Bottles come with their very own neoprene (the wet suit fabric) sleeve .. no paying extra for this feature! Not only does the neoprene sleeve have an important job of absorbing the moisture from the bottle it’s also important for protecting your hand from the chilled or hot liquid.

SIP STRAW The handy Sip Straw is folded down to seal the bottle and keep it hygienically clean. Once you fold it out, it just takes one hand to sip and hydrate … how handy is that!

NAME PANEL No more losing your drink bottle or confusing yours with your friends … the neoprene sleeve also features a name panel.


About C2G web picChiller2Go FruitSuit

NEOPRENE SUIT The Chiller2Go Fruit Suits are made of food safe neoprene (the wet suit fabric) to keep your fruit chilled and crunchy and protected from bumps and bruises. The neoprene suit also absorbs any moisture from your chilled fruit.

GEL PACK Each Fruit Suit comes with a 75mm non toxic freezer gel pack to keep your fruit chilled for that much longer.

VELCRO CLOSURE You have to love the neat STAR shaped Velcro closure! It keeps the coolness in and its easy for little fingers to open.

METAL CLIP Carrying everything around can be such a hassle. The Chiller2Go Fruit Suit comes with a metal clip so you can easily attach it to your back pack, school bag, hand bag, pram, gym bag, golf buggy, etc etc … got the idea?

NAME PANEL No more lost property for you because each Fruit Suit comes with a name panel!