Hydration matters .. and Chiller2Go knows it!

Did you know hydration is one of the key foundations of good health?

Hydration matters
Most adults lose about 3 litres of water a day. Most of us also don’t drink enough to replenish what we lose and not only is it vital, it keeps our skin in spanking condition, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, and can also even help us lose weight.

We believe the first step and the simplest way to a healthy life is to carry a drink bottle with you to stay hydrated! So we say, up the ante on your water intake and have a Chiller2Go Drink Bottle with you wherever you go!


Our Chiller2Go Drink Bottles are made from BPA Free Tritan™. Whether you drop it, throw it in your backpack or wash it hundreds of times, a product made with Tritan™ lasts. Tritan from Eastman is a durable plastic that has much greater shatter resistance than other plastics and glass. It won’t warp or crack in the dishwasher. And, unlike stainless steel, Tritan won’t dent or ding.

Tritan™ plastic looks like glass, until you drop it. And while other clear plastic or stainless products lose their luster after repeated dishwashing — our drink bottles have looks that last.

There might be some confusion as to the true safety of plastics claiming to be BPA-free, but we want to set the record straight. Not only is Tritan™ a BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain bisphenol S or any other bisphenols. Combine that with shatter resistance, and you’ve got a tough plastic that is safe enough to trust with your family.

It’s said that drinking water before meals can help you loose weight. Just knowing that drinking up can help you eat less should be enough motivation to keep a drink bottle handy!

If you don’t have a drink bottle you love, it might be time to get one! Choose a healthy lifestyle and give your body what it needs … a Chiller2Go Drink Bottle!

by JoEllen Henderson

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